Preparing For the Holidays with Vilo  

The holiday season is fast approaching and it’s one of our favorite times of the year. There will be dinners to plan, houses to decorate, gifts to buy, and travel to plan. This year is expected to be even busier than usual as many are traveling for the first time in a while. Joyous reunions will be taking place over turkey dinners and gift exchanges. But we know, with so many great plans in store, this time of year can also be overwhelming at times. You may be unsure where to start with your holiday plans and how to make this year extra special, but don’t worry Vilo is here to make the holiday season a little easier. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite holiday tips and tricks to make this year an easy and enjoyable one!  

Set Your Holiday Budget   

With so much to plan and do it can be easy to get carried away with spending, trust us, we love online shopping as much as the next person. So, setting a budget early in the season can help ensure you don’t overspend before the year is over. Set aside time to review your upcoming plans for the year, what costs will be involved and when purchases will need to be made. Look for budget friendly gifts that are a guaranteed crowd pleaser, we’re of course fans of the Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi system as the ideal affordable gift, but there are lots of great budget friendly gifts this year.

De-clutter and Clean  

Worried about the in-laws coming over, hosting for the first time in a while and everyone will see your home? Start de-cluttering now! Cleaning for guests always seems more overwhelming as you want your home to appear spotless for them. If you start decluttering now your home will be easier to clean and tidy when it comes time to entertain. That old hallway cupboard that’s full of unused coats, the cabinet full of old routers and wires, that one junk drawer we all have, yeah, those spots, start clearing those out now, and hosting your guests will be a breeze this year. This is also a great time of year to donate any unwanted items to those in need!  

Guest Networks  

What’s the first thing people ask when they come and stay with you? It’s almost always “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” If you are hosting family and friends this holiday season you might not want them all connecting to your personal network. With Vilo Guest Networks you can set up a Wi-Fi network just for them. This way you can set up an easy-to-remember Wi-Fi name and password and set a time limit on how long the guest networks lasts, you don’t even have to remember to turn it off. Setting up a guest network is easy and quick, check out the setup guide here.  

There are many ways that you and your family can get ready for the holiday season, but Vilo, the easy Wi-Fi, your holiday season just got even better!

Stay connected this holiday season!