Which Mesh Wi-Fi System is Right for You? 

Ok, so you finally figured out what Mesh Wi-Fi is and you’re ready to make the leap from your old Wi-Fi setup. You’ve researched the why, you see the benefits of a mesh Wi-Fi system, how it will increase Wi-Fi coverage across your entire home, create seamless connections for your devices and simplify your home network setup. Now you just need to decide which system is going to be the right one for you and your home.  

Well we want to make the buying process and easy as possible for you so we’ve done a breakdown of Vilo versus the competitors to show you why Vilo is the right Mesh Wi-Fi system for your home.

The Right Mesh Wi-Fi for Your Home


Vilo brings Wi-Fi to every corner of your home! That backroom that’s never held a strong signal, we’ll cover that, the attic office that can’t connect, we’ll cover that, the back patio that’s in need of sound system upgrade, we’ll cover that. It doesn’t matter where it is in your home, with the right Vilo set up you can cover any part of your home with Wi-Fi.  

A single Vilo unit covers 1,500 square feet in reliable, strong Wi-Fi signal! A 3-pack of Vilos can cover up to 4,500 square feet. This coverage is completely on par with our competitors whose 3 units cover 4,500 to 5,000 square feet as well.

So, what sets Vilo apart? Our price!

We provide the exact same coverage as Google, eero, Deco, and Orbi, but we only cost a fraction of the price, just $19.99 per unit. We also boast the easiest setup of any Mesh Wi-Fi system, so you can easily add additional Vilos to your network. Easy to use, easy on your wallet!    

Tech Specs  

What about all the other important features, Ethernet ports, additional unit configuration, etc.…? Well, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how we stack up against the others. Vilo has all the features of our competitors, if not more.  

Built in app management tools like parental controls and guest networks are free features with the Vilo App, eero, Google, and Orbi charge for additional features like these.  

What about Ethernet ports? Vilo has 3 on each unit, compared to the standard 2 ports on all other systems.  

How Many devices can you connect? Great question, Vilo supports up to 65 devices on a single unit or 120 on a 3 unit system, again, the same if not better than our competitors. 

Vilo Living Wi-Fi
The Mesh Wi-Fi system you need


Let’s talk more about this great price, each Vilo is just $19.99 per unit, you read that right, $19.99 per unit. So you can cover your whole home with Vilo for the price of one unit from another brand.  

And just because they’re affordable doesn’t mean they’re cheap. We know what you’re thinking, the price is too good to be true. We’re working tirelessly to change this stigma, affordable doesn’t have to mean poorly made. Vilo gives you all the features of competing products, but by simplifying the supply chain we are able to offer them at a great price!  

So what are you waiting for! You’re ready to make the switch to a Meah Wi-Fi system and now you know that the Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi system is the best option for your home!  

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