How Vilo Can Help With Blocked Wi-Fi Signals

Have you ever been on the other side of your house from your Wi-Fi router and the internet is slow because of a low or bad Wifi signal? You’re trying to watch a movie and it just keeps buffering or Facebook is taking forever to load, it can be so frustrating! This happens because everyday things like walls and doors get in the way of the signal. For example, Wi-Fi has a really hard time getting through concrete, a common building material most likely in your home. Because of this, having a single router in your home most likely won’t provide Wi-Fi signal to all areas of your home causing you to be restricted in the areas in which you can use Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Here is an example of what your Wi-Fi signal looks like in your home from having just one router in your home.

As you can see if you want to enjoy some music outside on your deck or watch videos in your bedroom you will have slow or no internet. Due to either distance or interference, your Wi-Fi simply can’t make it to those areas of your home, annoying we know!

But that’s where mesh Wi-Fi comes to the rescue! With a Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi system, you’ll have multiple access points around your home, these points broadcast your Wi-Fi signal all over. So instead of one router struggling to get signal to all areas, you have multiple routers working together on one network to cover your home in Wi-Fi signal.

You might be thinking “How is this different from an extender?” Well, mesh is not only different from extenders, it’s better. An extender will broadcast a signal to another area of your home, but in order to get that signal you have to manually switch to that extender network. Imagine being on a video call with family, walking through your home to show them the work you recently did in the back yard and you lose the call due to dropped Wi-Fi, or having to exit the call, connect to the extenders network SSID and then coming back to the call. It would be a headache right? Well this where mesh truly shines. Mesh gives you a stable signal all throughout your home and it seamlessly connects to the closest router, without you even knowing, so you never drop signal or have to stop what you’re doing to change networks. Simple put, mesh rules.

Check out how having 3 Vilos (Mesh routers) throughout a home improves the Wi-Fi signal in those previously weak areas.

As you can see a mesh Wi-Fi system now lets you enjoy your Wi-Fi across your entire home. Play movies in any room, connect to devices from the back patio and not worry about your Wi-Fi signal. Vilo is the most affordable mesh Wi-Fi system on the market so what are you waiting for? Wherever you are, Vilos got you covered.