How Much Internet Do You Really Need?

We see ads for “fast internet” everywhere, but what is the difference between a 20 Mbps and a 200 Mbps internet package? You may be surprised to learn that you might not be able to notice the difference in speed at all, depending on your household size and average bandwidth use.

Since 2007, the average internet connection speed has gone from around 4 Mbps to 19 Mbsp. While both of those numbers might seem tiny, there is a massive difference in internet quality between these two points. But depending on how many household members like to watch Netflix on their SHD smart tvs at the same time, you might not notice a marked increase in quality after even 20 Mbps.


Mbps stands for “megabits per second” and typically refers to the total volume of data that you can either download or upload at any given second. If you’re trying to go beyond your bandwidth means, you’ll notice delays in page loading, frequent buffering stops on videos, and possibly won’t be able to show your face on video calls at all. This means you need as many Mbps as you can afford to get the best quality experience for all of these things, right? Nope.

Each webpage or app only contains a limited amount of data that needs to be transferred at any single moment. Netflix for example, recommends that to enjoy their shows and movies, you should have the following bandwidth:

Yes, you’re reading that right. You only need 15 Mbps of bandwidth to be able to enjoy UHD Netflix streaming. And this is one of the largest bandwidth hogs of the internet. But, if you were to have a 15 Mbps plan and then tried to run any other apps or do any other browsing at the same time as streaming a UHD show, you would notice dips in quality and extremely slow browsing. This is because you have reached your bandwidth capacity.

That means that if you have multiple household members who use data intensive applications such as Zoom, Netflix, TikTok, Facebook etc. at any given time, you would all probably benefit from having a plan that could accommodate everyone at your peak times.

And that’s just for download speed. Most plans barely even talk about their upload bandwidth, but if you are someone who makes a lot of video calls to family members or for work, or you want to have a side hustle as a Twitch streamer, you need to check the upload bandwidth capacity separately.

And even if you do have a 5 Gbps plan, if you have terrible ping times you’re still going to suffer from slow page loads or video buffering.

Ping time (also known as latency) is how long it physically takes for the data to transfer between the server and your device. This is arguably more impactful than bandwidth especially after around 25 Mbps, but is affected by physical distance as well as any devices (ex modem, router, extender, or mesh system) in between your screen and the original server where the data originates from. This is why having a good router and seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home (such as with the Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System) is critical to improving your internet experience.

You can check out how much your average bandwidth usage is at peak hours by checking the Vilo App!

Just go into your Network -> Usage Report (make sure reporting is turned on in the settings) ->select your Wi-Fi Network as a whole to look at in detail, and check out what the peak data usage hours are for today, or what it was in total for any day over the last week or month.

Note that this is reported in Mbph (Megabites per hour) in the day view, but you can come up with a rough estimate of how much bandwidth your household uses by just dividing that by 6 (this assumes you aren’t just flipping at lightning speed through 1 Mb pages every second, but rather every few minutes with some extra leeway for larger pages, streams, or applications). 

How Vilo Can Help With Blocked Wi-Fi Signals

Have you ever been on the other side of your house from your Wi-Fi router and the internet is slow because of a low or bad Wifi signal? You’re trying to watch a movie and it just keeps buffering or Facebook is taking forever to load, it can be so frustrating! This happens because everyday things like walls and doors get in the way of the signal. For example, Wi-Fi has a really hard time getting through concrete, a common building material most likely in your home. Because of this, having a single router in your home most likely won’t provide Wi-Fi signal to all areas of your home causing you to be restricted in the areas in which you can use Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Here is an example of what your Wi-Fi signal looks like in your home from having just one router in your home.

As you can see if you want to enjoy some music outside on your deck or watch videos in your bedroom you will have slow or no internet. Due to either distance or interference, your Wi-Fi simply can’t make it to those areas of your home, annoying we know!

But that’s where mesh Wi-Fi comes to the rescue! With a Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi system, you’ll have multiple access points around your home, these points broadcast your Wi-Fi signal all over. So instead of one router struggling to get signal to all areas, you have multiple routers working together on one network to cover your home in Wi-Fi signal.

You might be thinking “How is this different from an extender?” Well, mesh is not only different from extenders, it’s better. An extender will broadcast a signal to another area of your home, but in order to get that signal you have to manually switch to that extender network. Imagine being on a video call with family, walking through your home to show them the work you recently did in the back yard and you lose the call due to dropped Wi-Fi, or having to exit the call, connect to the extenders network SSID and then coming back to the call. It would be a headache right? Well this where mesh truly shines. Mesh gives you a stable signal all throughout your home and it seamlessly connects to the closest router, without you even knowing, so you never drop signal or have to stop what you’re doing to change networks. Simple put, mesh rules.

Check out how having 3 Vilos (Mesh routers) throughout a home improves the Wi-Fi signal in those previously weak areas.

As you can see a mesh Wi-Fi system now lets you enjoy your Wi-Fi across your entire home. Play movies in any room, connect to devices from the back patio and not worry about your Wi-Fi signal. Vilo is the most affordable mesh Wi-Fi system on the market so what are you waiting for? Wherever you are, Vilos got you covered.

The Best Wi-Fi For Your Smart Devices

The Rise of Smart Devices

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you no doubt did some shopping the past few weeks, and we can’t blame you, there were some great deals this year! It probably comes as no surprise that the most purchased items this sale season were tech products. More specifically, smart tech devices, essentially a device that needs Wi-Fi to operate. USA Today listed the 10 most popular products bought from Black Friday to Cyber Monday and while some of them are the more standard household items many of the items on the list were smart tech items, including a few of our favorites such as the Roomba Vacuum, the Apple MacBook Air, and the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

What do all these awesome products have in common? They all need a Wi-Fi connection to function. And while you probably have Wi-Fi already in your home is your Wi-Fi capable of handling all these devices? You need a strong signal that spans all corners of your home, from the front door to the back patio and the basement in between. You want to ensure your Wi-Fi signal can cover it all so your smart devices can connect and function properly. You not only need coverage from your network but also a network that can handle multiple devices being connected at once.

Wi-Fi for Smart Devices

So how do you get a Wi-Fi network that can handle all of your fun new tech toys? Easy, you get a mesh Wi-Fi system. But what is mesh?

Mesh Wi-Fi works differently than a typical Wi-Fi network, outdated Wi-Fi routers and traditional set ups weren’t designed for the smart homes of the future and extenders only help occasionally but they create a fragmented network that causes drops in coverage. Mesh covers your entire home in a seamless Wi-Fi network that gives you a strong signal in every corner of your home. With a continuous network throughout your home, you can easily use smart tech devices wherever you please, even the back patio or basement office. To learn more about how mesh Wi-Fi works check out this blog post all about mesh.

Now you know you need mesh Wi-Fi for your smart tech devices how do you pick the best Mesh Wii-Fi System? Vilo Living has got you covered, literally. A Vilo 3-Pack can cover up to 4,500 square feet in strong Wi-Fi signal and connect up to 120 devices at once. So, you can have all the smart bulbs, security cameras, Roombas, and smart TVs you want and in any area of your home. No more dead zones, no more limiting devices, with Vilo you can do it all. And the best part; a Vilo 3-pack costs only $79.99, making it the cheapest Mesh Wi-Fi on the market.

Get the Wi-Fi your new smart devices need, get Vilo. Click here to buy Vilo now.

How Vilos Can Make Your ISP Money

As one of the first ISPs to adopt Vilos into their business plan, KentuckyFi owner John Gill had some awesome tips and tricks for other ISPs looking to increase their ROI on Vilos.

Check out John’s analysis of how to make money with Vilos:

There are multiple ways to recoup the cost of Vilo routers from your customers. By switching to Vilos, you are using a product at a price point that can easily make you money. Remember with your ISP you should be starting a business, not a bill. Below you will find three plans set to make your ROI fast and easy!



For the fastest ROI, you can build the cost of the Vilos into the install fee that you charge your customer. This will allow you to offset the cost of the Vilos and not lose any more money upfront. However, the tradeoff is that the install fee is much more expensive. This plan is not recommended if you have competitors that are offering free or cheaper installs.


With this, you will lose some on your install, but if you retain your customer, you will get your ROI in about 3 months with a price of $60/month for internet service. This is with an install fee of $180. The profit of install over 3 months is $10. This is a better option than Plan A, but still not great if your competition is giving out free or $50 installs.


Well, how do you keep making money with Vilo? You market the Vilos to make money for you. First, you price your install at something that makes sense for your market and ISP. Then, you add a monthly fee for the Vilo units and market it as an upgraded Wi-Fi experience. Kentucky Fi does $10/month for up to 3 units and a $50 installation fee to the customer. This pays for 90% of the Vilo units and now the Vilos will help pay off the other costs. After everything is paid for, you are generating $10 more in revenue a month than before.

I hope this article gives you a few ideas on how Vilo can help make money for your ISP!

John Gill


KentuckyFi (

The Vilo Living Holiday Gift Guide

Keeping up with the ever-changing tech scene can be overwhelming, there is always some new product available or the latest version on the market. If you have a tech lover in the family, how are you supposed to know what to get them this holiday season? The holidays are fast approaching and if you haven’t already made your gift purchases, you’re no doubt looking to do so soon! Don’t worry, we asked a few Vilo employees and rounded up some of our favorite tech products to help you pick the best gifts for this holiday season.

iRobot Roomba j7+

For your friends or family members that are tech and animal lovers! As a mom of 2 cats and a dog, our Social Media Manager Ella highly recommends the iRobot Roomba j7+. While all of the Roombas are great additions to a smart home this one is especially great. This self-emptying robot vacuum also identifies and avoids obstacles, like pet waste or spills, and it is fantastic at picking up pet hair. With smart mapping technology, the vacuum knows your home and where to clean, so you don’t have to! This one is so good you might want to buy one for yourself as well.

LIFX A19 Smart LED Light Bulb

This is Miriam’s, our Marketing Manager, favorite smart light bulb, in fact, it’s her overall favorite tech product. These light bulbs really do it all! With color changes, app control, voice control, and more they’re all that you could want in a light bulb and then some. Whether you want to set the mood, set a schedule, or just a fun color change you can do it all, while still being bright and efficient. Small and easy to wrap these are an ideal gift for almost anyone on your list.


Boasting to be the world’s smartest home gym this is the perfect gift for the exercise enthusiast in your life. Tonal brings technology and fitness together and puts it into the ease of your home. CEO and Founder, Jessie Zhou, said this is her new favorite tech and we can see why. Tonal uses a revolutionary dynamic weight that adjusts to your movement so that you are getting a personalized workout that will help you grow stronger and stronger, all without the barbells and bands. From beginner to pro, Tonal creates ideal workouts for every user with up to 200 pounds of digital weight. While on the higher end of the price range this gift will make an impact on the lucky recipient.

Wyze Cam v3

Our product specialist, Eva Wu, said her home relies heavily on their Wyze Cams. The v3 version claims to be brighter, bolder, and better than ever! With the ability to clearly see the outdoors regardless of light or weather conditions the Wyze Cam lets users keep an eye on their surroundings, and at a great price! Their most powerful camera yet, the v3 is a no-brainer for gifts this year.

What do all these awesome gift ideas have in common? They’re all Wi-Fi-connected smart devices, meaning users will want to have great Wi-Fi coverage throughout their home for optimal use. What better accompaniment to a smart home gift than a mesh Wi-Fi system! The Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi system has the easiest setup, great coverage, and an even better price. Add Vilo to your holiday gift list for the ultimate gift duo, a smart device, and better Wi-Fi!

Which Mesh Wi-Fi System is Right for You? 

Ok, so you finally figured out what Mesh Wi-Fi is and you’re ready to make the leap from your old Wi-Fi setup. You’ve researched the why, you see the benefits of a mesh Wi-Fi system, how it will increase Wi-Fi coverage across your entire home, create seamless connections for your devices and simplify your home network setup. Now you just need to decide which system is going to be the right one for you and your home.  

Well we want to make the buying process and easy as possible for you so we’ve done a breakdown of Vilo versus the competitors to show you why Vilo is the right Mesh Wi-Fi system for your home.

The Right Mesh Wi-Fi for Your Home


Vilo brings Wi-Fi to every corner of your home! That backroom that’s never held a strong signal, we’ll cover that, the attic office that can’t connect, we’ll cover that, the back patio that’s in need of sound system upgrade, we’ll cover that. It doesn’t matter where it is in your home, with the right Vilo set up you can cover any part of your home with Wi-Fi.  

A single Vilo unit covers 1,500 square feet in reliable, strong Wi-Fi signal! A 3-pack of Vilos can cover up to 4,500 square feet. This coverage is completely on par with our competitors whose 3 units cover 4,500 to 5,000 square feet as well.

So, what sets Vilo apart? Our price!

We provide the exact same coverage as Google, eero, Deco, and Orbi, but we only cost a fraction of the price, just $19.99 per unit. We also boast the easiest setup of any Mesh Wi-Fi system, so you can easily add additional Vilos to your network. Easy to use, easy on your wallet!    

Tech Specs  

What about all the other important features, Ethernet ports, additional unit configuration, etc.…? Well, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how we stack up against the others. Vilo has all the features of our competitors, if not more.  

Built in app management tools like parental controls and guest networks are free features with the Vilo App, eero, Google, and Orbi charge for additional features like these.  

What about Ethernet ports? Vilo has 3 on each unit, compared to the standard 2 ports on all other systems.  

How Many devices can you connect? Great question, Vilo supports up to 65 devices on a single unit or 120 on a 3 unit system, again, the same if not better than our competitors. 

Vilo Living Wi-Fi
The Mesh Wi-Fi system you need


Let’s talk more about this great price, each Vilo is just $19.99 per unit, you read that right, $19.99 per unit. So you can cover your whole home with Vilo for the price of one unit from another brand.  

And just because they’re affordable doesn’t mean they’re cheap. We know what you’re thinking, the price is too good to be true. We’re working tirelessly to change this stigma, affordable doesn’t have to mean poorly made. Vilo gives you all the features of competing products, but by simplifying the supply chain we are able to offer them at a great price!  

So what are you waiting for! You’re ready to make the switch to a Meah Wi-Fi system and now you know that the Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi system is the best option for your home!  

Vilo Farm Update #2

Over the recent long weekend Vilo CTO, Man Zheng, was able to make more progress in bringing Wi-Fi to her new family farm. Check out the recent work they did, as told by Man.

The farm has a very long driveway, the ISP’s cable goes as far as the very end of the driveway that connects to the street. For the last mile, unfortunately, it is our problem to solve…

The tiny house on the farm is about 1500 ft from the end of the driveway where the ISP cable ends. Having the ISP cable brought to the house was far out of the budget, so we had to get creative. It helps that I work for a mesh Wi-Fi company 🙂

The idea was to put the main Vilo at the end of the driveway, and spread-out multiple sub-Vilos down the driveway so the signal is relayed all the way to the house. We were not confident this theory would work so proof of concept became imminent to for us.

To test out this crazy idea, we decided to prototype the idea with the current low-speed internet provider we are using. Compared to the challenge of how to power the Vilo devices out in the wild the hours of manual labor to hammer the wood posts into the ground seemed like a much easier job.

First, We spaced each Vilo 300 ft apart from each other, the last one does have poor signal because there are lots of trees to push through however, adding another Vilo improved the signal strength. Then we used 100W, 48v power adapters to inject power to standard cat5e cable. The cat5e cable is 1000 feet long. The cable is only used to power the device. Not for data transmission.

Luckily, we successfully proved that the theory works. Yay! It was a big boost to our confidence, but this is only the beginning!

Check out the images below to see the setup and stay tuned for the next update!

Welcome to The Vilo Farm Project

Vilo co-founder and CTO, Man Zheng, recently purchased a 23-acre farm in King County. While the purpose of buying the farm had absolutely nothing to do with Vilo, rather the desire to have a farm and more land for the kids to play on, as an engineer and IoT enthusiast she realized she had one urgent problem, the need for internet coverage at the farm. And so began the Vilo Farm Project, Man’s need for internet became a way for us to test the capabiltites of Vilo, and we thought we’d bring you along for the ride! In this series Man will be updating us on the status of bringing internet to her farm and how Vilos will play a part in the process.

Part 1 – The Problem

The most urgent problem I need to solve is having internet coverage on the farm. I have been self-hosting with 6 Vilo routers at home and am quite satisfied with the performance and Wi-Fi signals across my house. So the first thing that crossed my mind is to spread out Vilo routers across the farm.

The first obstacle to work around is how to protect the Vilo devices from getting soaked in rain or other elements, seeing as the farm is located in the North West, you have to take the weather into consideration all the time. I purchased a few plastic containers and my plan is to drill a hole for all the wires and fix the containers to the posts that I will hammer into the ground later.

The next problem I will need to solve is how to power the Vilos on the open farm where power outlets are out of the question. Stay tuned for the next steps in the Vilo Farm Project – Man Zheng

Preparing For the Holidays with Vilo  

The holiday season is fast approaching and it’s one of our favorite times of the year. There will be dinners to plan, houses to decorate, gifts to buy, and travel to plan. This year is expected to be even busier than usual as many are traveling for the first time in a while. Joyous reunions will be taking place over turkey dinners and gift exchanges. But we know, with so many great plans in store, this time of year can also be overwhelming at times. You may be unsure where to start with your holiday plans and how to make this year extra special, but don’t worry Vilo is here to make the holiday season a little easier. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite holiday tips and tricks to make this year an easy and enjoyable one!  

Set Your Holiday Budget   

With so much to plan and do it can be easy to get carried away with spending, trust us, we love online shopping as much as the next person. So, setting a budget early in the season can help ensure you don’t overspend before the year is over. Set aside time to review your upcoming plans for the year, what costs will be involved and when purchases will need to be made. Look for budget friendly gifts that are a guaranteed crowd pleaser, we’re of course fans of the Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi system as the ideal affordable gift, but there are lots of great budget friendly gifts this year.

De-clutter and Clean  

Worried about the in-laws coming over, hosting for the first time in a while and everyone will see your home? Start de-cluttering now! Cleaning for guests always seems more overwhelming as you want your home to appear spotless for them. If you start decluttering now your home will be easier to clean and tidy when it comes time to entertain. That old hallway cupboard that’s full of unused coats, the cabinet full of old routers and wires, that one junk drawer we all have, yeah, those spots, start clearing those out now, and hosting your guests will be a breeze this year. This is also a great time of year to donate any unwanted items to those in need!  

Guest Networks  

What’s the first thing people ask when they come and stay with you? It’s almost always “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” If you are hosting family and friends this holiday season you might not want them all connecting to your personal network. With Vilo Guest Networks you can set up a Wi-Fi network just for them. This way you can set up an easy-to-remember Wi-Fi name and password and set a time limit on how long the guest networks lasts, you don’t even have to remember to turn it off. Setting up a guest network is easy and quick, check out the setup guide here.  

There are many ways that you and your family can get ready for the holiday season, but Vilo, the easy Wi-Fi, your holiday season just got even better!

Stay connected this holiday season!

5 Ways To Ensure Your Internet Safety

Cyber security is constantly on the minds of many, the internet is so prevalent in our day to day lives and many are concerned about how they can ensure they and their families are safe while online. Multiple aspects of our lives are now controlled by devices and so much of our information is out there for all to see! Ensuring you are staying safe while online and keeping your family safe is more crucial than ever. So what can you do to guarantee your safety while online?

Make your devices secure with Vilo


We get it, forgetting your password is so irritating! And having to go through the reset process is not fun, but it’s there for a reason. Your password is the gateway to all your information, and we mean all of it! Think of the many things you do online, banking and bill pay, shopping, social networking and so much more. The last thing you want is someone gaining access to any of that personal information. So when it comes to passwords the key is to make them long and strong. As tempting as it may be to have an easy-to-remember password using a strong password is crucial to your online safety. This applies to not only your Mesh Wi-Fi network password but to your online accounts as well. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to passwords.

Device Access Control

Know who is on your network! Your home Wi-Fi Network is the portal to your online world, knowing who has access to your network is important for your online safety. With Device detection on the Vilo App you can get notifications when new devices join your Wi-Fi network. If you see an unknown or unwanted device join your network you can quickly block them from your network, ensuring your Wi-Fi network stays safe and secure.

Avoid Open Wi-Fi networks

Open Wi-Fi networks are a danger zone for Wi-Fi safety. While they may prove useful when you are away from home and in need of a strong Wi-Fi connection, avoid using them for any work or billing purposes. If you can hotspot from your phone instead, or wait until you are back on a secure Wi-Fi network to handle any personal online matters. This will help avoid people accessing your information.

Turn On Automatic Updates

You want to keep your apps and software as current and up to date as possible, whenever companies discover a hole in their security or software they issue updates as quickly as possible. You want to get these updates as soon as possible so if automatic updates are an option for any of the devices you use turn them on. Don’t waste time delaying the update process. Turn on automatic app updates for your Vilo App through the App Store or Google Play store settings on your phone.

Parental Controls

As an adult, you may be able to more easily avoid the pitfalls of online security. You know what sites to avoid, and what not to click on or open. Your children, however, will most likely need more guidance. Parental controls are a great way to protect your children while they are online. With Vilo’s free parental controls in the Vilo App, you can easily block unwanted or harmful sites, as well as set time limits on Wi-Fi usage. You can rest assured that your family is safe online when using Vilo.

With more and more people online, and more and more being done via the internet your online security is more important than ever! Continue to check on your networks and online habits to make sure you are safe and secure online.